Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Purpose of job

Responsible for the performance of a department or a team through task guidance, direction setting and motivation of the workforce. The Manufacturing Engineering Manager delivers results through the team and enable team productivity and knows how to build effective and successful teams which collaborate well across the organization.


Key activities

- Develop plans to maintain an efficient, productive and harmonious work environment.
- Select, lead, guide, evaluate and develop a team of supervisors/employees to ensure that the department achieves the business objectives.
- Select the right people and keep them trained and motivated to add value for Grundfos customers.
- Secure the right mix of talent.
- Plan, direct, monitor a team of engineering support / technicians who provide engineering support activities and production schedule.
- Improve the efficiency and productivity of the organization’s manufacturing operations.
- Manage trouble shooting support and corrective actions.
- Ensure compliance with standards.

Critical knowledge and experience

Industry, market and business environment
- Experience leading and/or creating processes preferably within Manufacturing and maintenance.
- Experience executing on strategies and strategic initiatives within a complex business environment; experience from a large manufacturing environment is strongly preferred.
- Experience leading a team and/or process preferably within Engineering.
- Most likely to have 5-7 years of relevant work experience such as mechanical engineering and machining.

Technical, functional and professional
- Strong ability to lead and/or influence others.
- Strong knowledge of best practices and relevant systems within Engineering and Manufacturing.


How to achieve results

Work focus: Deliver results through managers/employees and enable team productivity and individual productivity. Build effective and successful team(s). Create collaboration across relevant functional areas.
Time application: Annual planning for team and performance management.
Work value: Value managerial work and develop continuously managerial skills.

Collaboration partners

- Production regions
- Sales Regions
- D & E

Preferred education
Master’s Degree or equivalent
Bachelor’s Degree, Associate’s Degree or equivalent work experience
C_Applying Expertise and Technology
C_Leading and Supervising
C_Planning and Organising
C_Working with People
C_Presenting and Communicating Information
S_English Proficiency

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