Service Technician


What is a job about?


The Service Technician has to carry out service jobs in the field onsite at customers handling more or less the entire service product portfolio and pre-defined pump product portfolio/ customer applications e.g. Industrial Sites or Waste Water applications. The Service Product portfolio aims to position Grundfos as a strategic partner for these accounts in their efforts to reduce energy and water usage and improve their environmental profile. This in turn will enable Grundfos to bring the benefits of the energy efficient pumps and most optimal solutions to the customer.

As Technical Support, the Service Technician has to carry out service jobs in the back-office by securing a smooth handling of customer request. He has a high technical knowledge of more or less the entire service product portfolio and pre-defined pump product portfolio.

As a Service Technician in Grundfos, you are a link towards the professional end-customers, and thereby co-creating value to their business. You must apply your insights to customer applications, putting together solutions that resolve your customer’s pain points.

The Grundfos Service Product Portfolio contains tools mainly in the range from Spare parts & Service Kits, Repair & Maintenance, and Installation & Operation, but the service technician must also be knowledgeable about professional service offerings within Optimisation & Consultancy and Surveillance & Mobility. Thus secure enhancement of the customers installed base and ensure best recommendation for the customers. 


Major Tasks

  • Securing correct commissioning set-up of related to sensors, control and data communication for pump products and systems.
  • Specialised assignments within regulating and control technology including mechanical & hydraulic knowledge for setting up and commissioning of new equipment.
  • Virtual & online Analysis, fault finding, evaluation and reporting all hydraulic-, instrumentation- and control technical data. Complete accurate and detailed customer reports.
  • Application/system knowledge to secure expertise in fault finding and diagnosis of equipment and pumping systems.
  • Cooperation with on site professionals such as control engineers, installers and the client.
  • Working with detailed drawings and diagrams.
  • Evaluating hydraulic systems both before and after carrying out the service job. Completing accurate and detailed report together with the Technical Expert and/or Service Sales person.
  • Advising and giving the customers recommendations on necessary and optimised system improvements, with focus on correct actions to be carried out. Carry out technical customer reports when the service job is finalised.
  • Responsible for keeping up to date with new product information and notifying team leader of any potential product issues.
  • Working on a variety of projects within a short period of time.
  • Responsible for the Environmental, Health and Safety Program as outlined by the Grundfos Company Health and Safety Manager and as required by local regulations


Required Qualifications

  • Flexible with working hours in order to meet customer’s expectations.
  • Technical experience in mechanical field
  • Amility to handle stand-alone sensors, control and data-communication products and systems as it will to be part of the area of responsibility.
  • Comply with standard operational and working practices. Responsible for cleanliness of work wear provide.
  • IT literacy with understanding of tools and new measurement equipment, control units, electronic features and facts etc.

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