Sales Engineer - Nagoya

Purpose of job

Apply subject matter knowledge with a limited degree of technical/business insight. Work across functional areas and may work under some degree of supervision.

Key Activities

- Maintain existing customer base and assist in developing plans, budget and promotional activities.

- Follow up on unit/project sales from quotation stage to awarding stage.

- Ensure proper and accurate costing based on company pricing strategy.

- Ensure that final pump set selection is appropriate to client's application by calculation.

- Ensure full and proper documentation to be handed over to customer service and engineering team during order processing.

- Achieve agreed marketing objectives, sales volumes and contribution targets.

- Work closely with Finance, Engineering and Business Development team on account management.

- Register all activities with customers in the global CRM tool

- Register and nurture opportunities in the global CRM tool according to company guidelines

- Ensure customer master data is updated on portfolio of customers under their responsibility.

Critical knowledge and experience

- Contribute with well-defined elements to developed processes within Industry Sales.

- Ability to contribute to processes or projects.

- Ability to contribute business process within Industry Sales.

- Most likely to have 0-3 years of relevant work experience before entering level besides formal education.

- Solid knowledge of the plans, processes and activities within the functional area in Industry Sales.

- Strong ability influence others.

- Possess a great understanding of the relevant systems, local laws and regulations where applicable, for the Industry Sales.


Japanese proficiency is a must.


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