Application Consultant

Purpose of job

The Application consultant is responsible for transforming business requirement into IS architecture and development tasks. The Application consultant make sure that the application is working according to specifications before handing over to business  Provide support to get maximum value out of a given application for the user. Moreover, deliver basic application consultancy and work on continuous business improvements in IS.

Key Activities

40% - Business analyst and architecture clarification

40% - Specification 

20% - QA / test


Critical knowledge and experience

Industry, market and business environment
- Contribute with well-defined elements to developed processes within IT and IT Consultancy.
- Ability to contribute to processes or projects.
- Ability to contribute business process within IT and IT Consultancy.
- Most likely to have 0-3 years of relevant work experience before entering level besides formal education.

Technical, functional and professional
- Solid knowledge of the plans, processes and activities within the functional area in IT and IT Consultancy.
- Strong ability influence others.
- Possess a great understanding of the relevant systems, local laws and regulations where applicable, for the IT and IT Consultancy area.

Preferred education
Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience
B_Grundfos behavior - Accountability
B_Grundfos behavior - Collaboration
B_Grundfos behavior - Customer Centricity
C_Achieving Personal Work Goals and Objectives
C_Applying Expertise and Technology
C_Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations
C_Learning and Researching
C_Writing and Reporting
S_English Proficiency

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