Production Supervisor- Grundfos Manufacturing

Production Supervisor 

Grundfos Manufacturing 


Grundfos Manufacturing based in Sunderland, UK are looking for a Production Supervisor to be responsible for the performance of APT (Autonomous Production Team) through task guidance, coaching, direction setting and motivation of the workforce.


Key Performance Indicators of the role

  • Work focus: Deliver results through others and enable team quality, productivity and individual productivity within the framework of SQDICP. Build effective and successful team of individual contributors and team leaders.
  • Time application: Quarterly planning for team and performance management.
  • Work value: Role model for the shop floor employees, cross functional collaboration within the APU and support function. Build and empower effective APT on his/her production line(s).

Key Accountabilities of the role

  • Embrace the company Safe Behaviours culture, ensuring safe working practices and APT engagement on safety activities.
  • Ensure that the employees know the strategy and direction for the plant, and initiate actions.
  • Train and develop team leads and employees to follow processes and standards.
  • Engage everyone in continuous improvement activities.
  • Facilitate the APT.
  • Identify and understand key information and transfer it to others in a clear   and efficient way. Know how to get to the point.
  • Take into account the feedback he/she receives.
  • Drive GPS (Grundfos Production System) activities within the department.
  • Complete Production tasks and projects as required.


What experience and qualifications should you possess?

  • Experience driving execution of processes preferably within Production
  • Ability to lead a department, processes or project
  • Ability to lead a group and/or business process preferably within Production
  • Most likely to have 4-5 years of relevant work experience before entering level
  • Have focus on Continuous elimination of the "7 Wastes"
  • Have an obsession to avoiding overproduction
  • Know how to implement action plans for all industrial operations integrating compliance with all industrial regulations in a normal environment
  • Excellent people management and communication skills


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