Project manager

Job description:

  • Leading group of engineers in designing, developing and executing actions in production/technology area toward predicted deliverables
  • Project planning including scope, deliverables, economy, quality and manning
  • Manage new product and equipment introduction projects
  • Manage assigned investment projects
  • Manage projects of transfer equipment from different production facilities.
  • Support the development of organizations (e.g. methods, tools and standardization
  • Manage make/buy projects related to the core/key technologies matrix
  • Participate in defining and deploying mid and long term strategy
  • Project management according to GMS Strategy plan

 Job requirements:

  •   University degree, technical studies,
  •  1-3 years of experience in leading roles of building related investment projects
  • Experience in operations and maintenance of facilities           
  • structured and positive person
  • being able to handle time pressure and stressed situations
  • good at communication, thorough and comprehensive in reporting 
  • excellent in team coordination, task allocation and management
  • being able to motivate teams and deliver results              



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