Assistant Sales Engineer

Job Purpose

Support CBS team during project implementation and apply well-developed knowledge base


Key Accountabilities / Responsibilities

  • Update and maintain project schedules
  • Create and manage project database
  • Support CBS teammate in daily activities
  • CRM tool work as order input & customer data creation
  • Assistant on tender document work as submission, quotation, equipment schedule
  • Pump proposal to customers
  • Help to prepare reports and meeting minutes


Key Success Factors

  • Time to complete tender work
  • Update on project status
  • Accuracy of customer master data
  • Update on CRM tool
  • Technical skills


Posting, Reporting, and Work Relations

Sales manager, Internal department teammate and support team, Customer


Required Minimum Qualifications

  • Associate Degree or equivalent working experience
  • Experience driving developed assistant process within in CBS
  • Ability of participate process in project progress and business process
  • Solid knowledge of process and activities in CBS
  • Ability of influence others



  • Accountability, Customer Centricity, Collaboration
  • Persuading and influencing
  • Presenting and communicating information

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