sales engineer (RPO)

1Key Duties

1To accomplish company sales needs and plans in the market through systematic fieldwork and long term relationship build up with customers.

2According to sales target, to work out sales strategy and sales budget in the specific region or market.  After review and approve by the SSE, carry out the qualitative and quantitative tasks in respect of policies and the authority assigned.

3To visit customers according to weekly/monthly programs and stand by for customer’s request.

4To participate in market analysis referring to the market assigned.

To prepare the quotation based on the insurance of customer’s solvency as well as the effective follow up afterwards.

5To establish and maintain long-term good relationships with dealers, customers, authorities and relevant parties.

6To establish and update customer’s data file containing visiting dates, arrangements agreed on, particulars about customers, relevant figures, sales turnover, etc.

7To search for and consider new possibilities and prospects for increasing the sales.

8To provide advice and suggestion to the customers on products and their performances, new products, product modifications, system solutions, application, term of sales, service concept, service kits, etc.

9To search for information on customers and competitor’s line of conduct and market trends as well, and in cooperation with the management to consider actions that might be taken.

10To carry out assignment/tasks other than above given by superior









  1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical, mechanical automation, water supply and drainage, heating and ventilation.
  2. Fluent in oral and written Chinese & English.
  3. At least 3 years sales experience in pump or related equipment (gearbox, valve, pump, bearing, etc.)    


1  本科学历优先,工科背景优先(性别不限)

2  有一定的英文书面能力

3  5年左右工作经验

4  有较强的沟通能力、项目能力(必备)

5  暖通空调、阀门,机泵类销售经验(核心)


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