External Sales Engineer, Water Utility

Purpose of job

Apply subject matter knowledge and demonstrate technical/business insight. Work within a unit and/or across functional areas with limited supervision.

Key Activities

- Establish contacts and develop new M&E consultants and end users including lobbying with local authority with the potential to use Grundfos products and services.
- Provide product technical support to customers, consultants and contractors, ensuring specification and correct application of Grundfos products.
- Achieve agreed sales targets on specified projects/jobs.
- Conduct seminars for consultants and contractors including branding initiatives, media design, advertising, promotional campaigns and trade shows.
- Register all activities with customers in the global CRM tool
- Register and nurture opportunities in the global CRM tool according to company guidelines
- Ensure customer master data is updated on portfolio of customers under their responsibility
- Contribute to improve sales planning.

Critical knowledge and experience

- Experience driving developed processes within Water Utility.- Ability to lead processes or projects.- Ability to lead a business process within Water Utility.- Most likely to have 3-4 years of relevant work experience before entering level besides formal education.- Solid knowledge of the plans, processes and activities within the functional area in Water Utility.- Strong ability influence others.- Possess a great understanding of the relevant systems, local laws and regulations where applicable, for the Water Utility.- Possess sales techniques

Competencies and behaviours
C_Relating and Networking
C_Persuading and Influencing
C_Presenting and Communicating Information
S_Digital Skill: Digital Engagement Tools
S_Business Tools Utilization
S_Dealing with Projects
S_Applying Product and Application knowledge
S_Digital Skill: Understanding Digital Products and Services
S_English Proficiency
S_Digital Skill: Data Capture & Enrichment
S_Building customer loyalty
S_Optimizing WU product and application performance
S_Managing stakeholders
S_Digital Skill: Sales Support Tools
S_Applying Grundfos Sales excellence practices
S_Specifying WU products and applications
S_Digital Skill: Understanding & Selling New Business Models

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