Técnico Electromecánico

Purpose of job

Ensure maintenance, repairs and services on the facility systems and production lines according to guidelines and established procedures.

Key Activities

- Perform skilled maintenance and repair services on a variety of facility systems (mechanical,  electrical, and/or building) to ensure safety and quality standards.
- Apply established techniques of maintaining building and facilities to address recurring problems with machinery, equipment and/or parts.
- Conduct periodic inspections to evaluate requests for repair and the general state of the facilities.
- Respect all company safety policies and procedures ( e.g. Log out Tag out).
- Report of near misses/accidents in a timely manner to the Supervisor or Safety Coordinator and share in DAM (Daily Action Meeting).
- Maintain 5S in his area.
- Adhere to quality policies/procedures  and respect them.
- Produce quality work which meets or exceeds both internal and external stakeholder requirements.
- Apply Quality tools learned.
- Report to production supervisor any modification of equipment with potential impact on quality of finished goods or safety of operators.
- Propose and formulate improvements ideas.
- Participate to continuous improvement workshops.
- Consistently meet maintenance expectations in a timely and efficient manner. Always focus on bottleneck equipment.
-  Consistently demonstrate respect for all stakeholders in the business and work productively and respectfully with others towards team and company goals.
- Act and adopt collaborative behavior to improve team work.

Critical knowledge and experience

- Contribute to the maintenance of all facilities in an operational state in respect of established standards.
- Most likely to have at least 3 to 5 years of relevant work experience in production maintenance.
- Knowledge of maintenance practices and guidelines.
- Knowledge of various facility systems.

Competencies and behaviours
C_Adapting and Responding to change
C_Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations
C_Applying Expertise and Technology
C_Working with People
C_Adhering to Principles and Values
C_Following Instructions and Procedures

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