Senior Applicaiton Engineer (RPO)

1、Key Duties:

  1. Technical backup for local or regional front offices in all 7 steps of selling.
  2. Technical support to project sales and customer interactions, events etc.
  3. Add technical know-how to selling solutions, services and add extra customer value to the local business.
  4. Develop new local solutions through product understanding, local context and customer needs.
  5. Produce local content to the product and application knowledge hub.
  6. Act as Train the Trainer locally and contribute to growing the global application capability.
  7. Participate in subject matter expert networks or regional master minds network.
  8. Local collaboration with sales, services and external partners.
  9. Bring application knowledge into regional or local product development or other development activities etc.
  10. Relevant education background (Environmental Engineering/Pump manufacturer).
  11. Relevant application knowledge (Waste water products application and engineering design).
  12. Learning agility and activity, team cooperation and communication.
  13. Capable to respond needs from Sales and Customers, feedback relevant solution.



  1. 全国范围内工业污水/废水项目的售前技术支持,工业污水/废水行业业务发展。
  2. 通过提供销售解决方案,服务的技术知识,为当地企业增加额外的客户价值。
  3. 通过产品理解,当地环境和客户需求开发新的本地解决方案。
  4. 为产品和应用知识中心编写技术手册。



  1. 4~5 years working experience better in manufacturing/B2B business, especially in water treatment(especially for waste water or water reuse, know well about waste water products/application/system in industry as AE
  2. Majored in mechanical automation or related will be a plus   
  3. Applying Expertise and Technology
  4. Coping with pressures and setbacks
  5. Deciding and initiating action
  6. Delivering results and meeting customer expectations
  7. Learning and researching
  8. Relating and networking



  1. 本科学历优先,工科背景优先(性别不限)
  2. 有一定的英文书面能力,口语可以简单沟通
  3. 5年左右废水、污水处理行业工作经验
  4. 有较强的废水解决方案提供能力,较强的沟通能力



4、Competencies (clearly outlining mandatory vs desirable requirements):)Good communication skills,Strong technical support ability; 有较强的废水解决方案提供能力,较强的沟通能力

5、Diploma degree



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