Compliance manager


1、  合规相关制度和流程的制定

2、  制定并组织合规相关制度和流程的培训





1.    Establish compliance infrastructure based on Code of Conduct, internal policies/guidelines and applicable local laws and regulations including industry code and policies;

2.    Align local standards with global standards and implement global compliance project;

3.    Establish processes and SOPs for relevant policies

4.    Install compliance reviews/audits in all major business initiatives, in the selling process, and process


1.  Establish annual local training plan for COC and other compliance SOP and policies; ensure on-boarding and annual refreshers on compliance standards and business practices are conducted;

2.  Regularly monitor the completion of (e)-training courses and take appropriate action to ensure the agreed completion target for (e)-training (95%) and (e)-certification of CoC (100%) are met. Ensure system for documenting and evidencing training completion is followed.


1.    Assess risks & inform BU leadership on identified compliance risks; Align compliance risk mitigation plan with BU management team

2.    Conduct self-assessments to monitor the status of the compliance program;

3.    Involve in a process to conduct third-party due diligence together with relevant functions;

4.    Ensure smooth running of operational processes, such as activity approval, Due Diligence process etc.

5.    Manage complaints from hotline or other sources;

6.    Lead / assist in annual Compliance Program Risk Assessments (and other bespoke risk assessment) and develop appropriate risk mitigation plans

Disciplinary management

1.   Provide legal advice to disciplinary management activities when requested by HR and Line managers

2.   Be responsible to provide legal solution and guide HR BP and line managers to follow the external legal governance and company regulation during legal dispute in area of employee relationship/Labor Law, to minimize the external company legal risk and to ensure internal compliance

Other tasks from manager  


2、5年以上Compliance 相关工作经验

3、 3年以上Monitoring 相关经验优先

4、熟悉Labor Law 、有ER Case支持经验


1.    5+ years' experience in a Compliance and/or Internal Controls department

2.    3+ years of experience with Compliance Monitoring

3.    Knowledge of the principles regulating business in general

4.    Previous knowledge of anti-bribery and anti-corruption controls environments

5.    Previous experience in a multinational and multicultural business environment is required

6.    Previous experience on policies and procedures development and implementation and compliance trainings is required

7.    Labor law knowledge and ER experience is must

8.    Previous experience of Power BI would be beneficial

9.    Fluency in speaking and writing English

10.   Proficiency with MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and Adobe Acrobat Writing and Reporting    



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