Data Engineer to drive industry 4.0 projects

Data Engineer to digitalize Operations

This is a unique opportunity to become part of the team that drives the digitalization of Operations at Grundfos globally. Taking offset in our factory of the future, you will seek out and analyse data and take part in defining, developing and maturing projects that will determine our production methods for years to come.

Welcome to Grundfos and the factory of the future

You will join the AME Digital Development department. Here, you and 7 colleagues develop methodologies that we test in our factory of the future increase our efficiency. Stepping into our team, you join 7 specialists with complementary competences to make our journey from connectivity to data utilization a success.

“The majority of your time you will spend on building the data pipeline with data ingestion, data integration and security. Putting the data in the right place at the right cost and quality is key to effectively utilize data to optimize our production and value chain. Doing so you will add value to our colleagues, customers and competitiveness,” explains Manager Simon Rosenberg Bolmgren.

Build and orchestrate data pipelines on big data projects

You will support our digitalization strategy by making our data flow from a variety of sources and make it accessible for those who need it, when they need it. Your knowledge of data modelling and your ability to orchestrate data pipelines makes you key in our ability to prove or reject various hypotheses based on data.

 You will:

  • Facilitate new knowledge and insights by implementing new pipelines and provide easy access to existing data sources
  • Collaborate with the team on the journey towards effective utilization of our data in Operations
  • Interact with the production and value chain to build sustainable and effective data solutions
  • Support as the data engineer on various digitalization project
  • Apply MS Azure as your primary tool box, just like Python will be instrumental in your daily work
    Apply the knowledge and ideas of your colleagues
    Collaboration will be a great part of your day. In the team, you will work in sprints, which include methodologies being tested in the production. Also, you will collaborate with our IT department, Big Data IOT Lab, as well as specialists and managers in the organization. Doing so, your work will uncover new possibilities for big data projects, which you then mature together with your colleagues in the team.
    Detail-oriented data expert
    It is not important whether you recently obtained your master’s degree or have several years of experience. More importantly, you manage to draw on the expertise and ideas of your colleagues to analyse and utilize data to benefit our production. Furthermore, you know your way around databases and how to code scripts. And you:
  • Hold a master’s degree in SW Engineering, computer science or similar studies centered around data
  • Know C#, SQL, Python and perhaps also R, Scala and Spark
  • Knowledge and preferably experience with different data storage types (NoSQL, SQL, Graph).
  • Knowledge of AI, including machine learning and deep learning is an advantage but not a prerequisite
  • Knowledge of the different data quality dimensions and how to apply them is an advantage but not a prerequisite
  • It is an advantage, but not a prerequisite if you know MS Azure as well
  • Take initiative, are self-driven and prepared to meet deadlines
  • Speak and write English effortlessly
    Additional information
    If you have questions or want to know more about the position, please contact Manager, AME Digital Development, Simon R. Bolmgren on +45 20 63 31 78
    If this job sounds appealing to you, please send your resume and cover letter today and no later than 5th of august 2019 by clicking on “Apply”.
    We look forward to hearing from you.
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